Backup Master history keeper 3.1

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Backup Master is a powerfull app that can backup and restore all the apps on your phone and the something others. Use this Backup Master, you can backup your sms、mms、bookmarks、Call Log、system setting、alarms、apn and application.Backup Master works very fast , you just need to tap some button , then it will begin to work .When the Backup Master backup is over , you don't need to reboot.
When Backup Master is start, it will make a list for the thing and let you choose what you want to backup.There is three button for Backup Master to get ready to backup.The first is choose all, the second is not choose all, the third is start to backup.Also, the choice is the same of restore.It has three button too, The first is choose all, the second is not choose all, and the third is start to restore.
For the setting, you can find a button of view and management.In here you can see the file what you want to backup.The second button is setting a time to auto remind you to backup.You can set how long to remind you to backup.The third is uninstall Backup Master.When you think Backup Master is not the app what you want, you can tap this button to uninstall it.
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